About Singer Optical

The Singer Family has been involved in Optical for Four Generations.

​Before Singer Opitcal was established, Earl Singer was a sales representative for Continental Lens and Shuron Optical located in Chicago. His son Fred, decided to open a lab after returning home from the second world war. Thus, he opened Singer Optical in 1948 in Evansville, Indiana. 70 years later, Singer Optical is Indiana's oldest wholesale laboratory, and remains owned and operated by the Singer family. 

Today- On the Forefront of Technology

​Singer Optical has been through the changes in the optical industry and will continue to welcome new technologies, but we will never forget or values and our roots. Singer Optical remains independent because of these humbled beginnings and core values. We treat every account with up most respect and appreciation, no matter how big or small.

Singer Optical was one of the first dozen labs in the United States to invest in Digital Free Form equipment and continue to produce the highest quality free form designed lenses.  In house AR coating and multi axis edging allow us to offer you a full portfolio of options to best fit your needs.

Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality product and service so you can offer your patients a product that will make them come back for years.