The Independent Lab,

    For the Independent Doctor.



Singer Optical is a full service wholesale lab, offering the latest in optical technology. We offer a full range of digital free form lenses, Shamir, Varilux and our own Hybrid Free Form lens IN HOUSE. Also, we provide IN HOUSE AR, featuring our ICON 24 AR coating-- a great AR comparable to the leading brands with a 24 month warranty! And Singer Optical offers fully robotic edging for those difficult wrap frames, notched lenses and drill mounts. All of these services are available to you, so your paitents come back for years to come.


Singer Optical is the oldest independent, family owned wholesale laboratory in Indiana. We offer all the latest technology in eyewear. When Fred Singer started Singer Optical in 1948, he could have only dreamed of the success it has today. If you would like more information about Singer Optical, please call us at 1-800-431-6267. Our goal is to bring you, the independent practitioner, the best product available in a fast, friendly manner. Give us a try you'll find that the pride we take in our work and the dedication we feel to you and your practice quickly distinguishes us from the rest.